Broody have partnered with Ex-Unilever marketeers Paula Quazi & Nick Green to revolutionise the world of household cleaning. smol launched in March 2018, delivering top quality household cleaning products through the letterbox, saving consumers up to 50% versus regular brands.
smol’s first product is a subscription laundry capsule, designed to cut out what consumers hate: wasteful packaging, unnecessary costs, and trips to the supermarket. It is concentrated, effective, smells great and is small enough to post through the letterbox.


In Dec 2017, Broody partnered with Crowdfunder, the UK’s largest rewards based crowdfunding platform. We are working with the Crowdfunder leadership team to help them transform their business model, scale the business and ensure that projects that matter, supported by people who care, really do get funded. Our partnership means we now have a real expertise in crowdfunding startups.


Broody partnered with the founders of a revolutionary skincare brand designed for and tested by nurses (over 80% of whom suffer from skin problems because of relentless handwashing). We relaunched the brand with a new consumer facing proposition - natural intensive care for everyone’s hardworking hands. We have given the brand a new identity and a new mission - to give nurses their hands back by offering them free hand cream with every pack sold.
We ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign to raise awareness & funds for expansion in 2018 and we have now launched in Boots. Since the launch we have achieved extraordinary reviews from nurses and our consumers and we earned the status ‘Loved by you at Boots’ from the volume of 5 star reviews..
We are now rolling out a national sampling campaign through influencers and will soon be completing our first round of fundraising.

Yolky Games

Broody took over and relaunched Demon Playing Cards in 2017. Already successful with its eponymous Racing Demon game, we have created a modern card game company around it. Inspired by contemporary design we now create, make and sell card games, using creativity and design to revive traditional card games and invent the classics of the future.

We launched Dodgy Dogs, a creative collaboration with celebrated visual artist Jean Jullien (@jeanjullien), on Kickstarter in 2018. Having smashed its target by 877%, it was in the top 3% of all Kickstarter card games. It is now available to all and we are planning the launch of 2 more games this year.

We’ve developed a product development, marketing and sales infrastructure for Yolky Games that makes the most of our network, allowing it to be a fun and commercially productive testing ground for all our capabilities in product design, production, social media, performance marketing, sales and fulfilment.